Saturn Meditation

Patience Pays

Bundle Kriya

Posture: Lie on your back, (on a padded surface) heels together, arms by your sides. Tense

your body as if your legs were tied together and your arms were bound to your torso.

Movement: Thrust one side of the body up and begin to flip yourself over and over. Keep your

arms and legs locked. The initial motion is generated from the pelvis; once created the

momentum is easier to sustain. Roll in both directions.

Focus: Eyes are closed.

Breath: Breathe in a natural rhythm.

End: Inhale deeply and relax on your back. Circulate the energy.

Time: Start at your comfort level and increase over time.

Comments: This asana balances the electromagnetic system and relaxes the nervous

system, allowing it to discharge stress. It will help to activate meridian points on the body and

works on the metabolic system. Practicing bundle roll on a consistent basis has been known to

promote weight loss.

β€œAnd bundle kriya, you need it for your 3rd lung, the skin. You will become old, you will look wrinkled, and you will look ugly with all the creams of the world if you do not do bundle kriya. β€œ - Yogi Bhajan