Pattern, Projection, Personality

Sat Nam,

"There are two parts of your body that are undeveloped: the upper palate in the mouth and the frontal lobe. The upper palate has eighty-four meridian points. The thalamus and the hypothalamus are on top of it. That controls your personality in terms of your automatic habits. And that can be organized, developed and set. The frontal lobe is where your personality is manufactured every day for day-to-day work. The total personality comes out of it."       - Yogi Bhajan

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On Wednesday, 1/31, we will experience a Full Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo at 5:27am PST.  Full Moons are times of abundance and power and Lunar Eclipses are times for transforming patterns and habits.    We will use this magnetic cosmic echo to build strength in our hearts and release deep-seated stress from our body, mind and soul.  Let's build a victorious personality with "courage in you, no matter what!" Giving you the chance to relax and just be you.

This is a year of self-mastery. We can access a portal to self-mastery through mantra, the sacred sound current. When we chant mantra we stimulate the 84 meridian points on the upper palette.  When these meridians are stimulated we are able to generate, organize and deliver new thoughts patterns to the thalamus and hypothalamus,  changing the way we create habits. 

Our meditation this week works with our patterns, projections and personality.  It continues our focus on self-hypnosis and learning to direct our minds toward higher quality thoughts. An increase in the quality of our thoughts has a direct correlation to an increase in the quality of our experiences we attract.   

I would like to invite everyone to my class on Tuesday at Square One Yoga Temescal located at 4689 Telegraph Avenue in Oakland.  The studio is offering a 30 days for $30 to new students which can be used at any of their four studios.  The Temescal space is beautiful and has a lovely room to relax and drink tea before or after our class.  



Pritpal Simran


Class Schedule:

Tuesday, 1/30 - 4pm-5:30pm
 Square One Temescal

Friday, 2/2 - 9:00am - 10:30am Yoga Tree Telegraph

Tuesday, 2/6  - 4pm-5:30pm  Square One Temescal

Friday, 2/9 - 9:00am - 10:30am Yoga Tree Telegraph

Saturday, 2/10 - 9:15am - 10:45am Yoga Tree Potrero


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